Read this.

Now, read between the lines.

The market has shifted and we don’t know for how long.  Now is the time to sharpen up. Your pricing should be perfect for right now, not the two-month projection. Your onsite presentation should be flawless and the homes should look immaculate. The sales team should be an elite strike force, well-trained and armed with all the tools and knowledge to make a sale. And, finally, you are probably going to have to start putting more emphasis on marketing again to nudge some additional traffic your direction.

Don’t panic! The market is fine. Inventory is still low and it will be for a bit.  Interest rates are going to climb a bit. Prices need to be reset a bit. Just hold on to your…horses.  It’s going to be OK.


No, that’s not a passive-aggressive comment about your new haircut. Today, I thought I would add to what Ray and La’Cee started last week with their sales tools/techniques sections by focusing on identifying personality types.

Understanding personality types is key to effective communication with others, especially in the sales field. Because of this, we need to understand what makes us tick and how to interact with others who may do things a little differently. There are many different systems out there (Myers-Briggs, AVA, MMPI, DISC, etc.) and it’s worth trying more than one to compare and contrast.

Here’s an interesting one I found the other day to get you started. Once you take the test, read through the other personality summaries to see how to best relate to others from a sales point-of-view. Try thinking back to interactions you’ve had and how a different approach may have changed the outcome. Once you know the personality types, you’ll recognize the characteristics much faster and be able to craft a more personal, effective presentation.

Just try not to use your powers for evil.