Count how many times in the next few weeks you hear or see the line, “Spring Has Sprung”. I’m not sure if any phrase is more overused this time of year and it makes me cringe. One thing that doesn’t make me cringe, however, is a positive sales forecast. You might say it gives me a spring in my step (that’s public enemy #2, by the way).

According to the NWMLS press release, we’re looking good heading into the big season. Despite the changing tax laws and climbing interest rates, sales have remained strong. Sure, pending sales are down a bit from last year because of lack of inventory, but new listings, closed sales, and selling prices all went up.

The press release goes on to talk about the effect of the surging job market, buyer sentiment and the role Kitsap is playing.


Last year at PCBC we learned about of homes being 3D printed in 24 hours.  We were shown some photos, but now we get to see a video of the process and it’s pretty amazing.

ICON and housing non-profit New Story out of Austin, Texas have unveiled a 650 sqft. home consisting of a living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and a shaded porch.  It can be completely built from nothing in less than 24 hours!  The cost you may ask? That’s less than $10K in the US.

The companies are currently planning a 100-home community in El Salvador providing a safe and affordable housing alternative for people in need.  Right now they are raising $600,000 to fund the planned community.  Construction will begin later in 2018 and families are expected to be moving in the 3rd quarter of 2019.

Donors can fully fund a home for only $4,000, which seems incredible considering what this will mean for the families to finally have their own place. I’m loving this!!