Crack open that piggy bank, cash out your Bitcoin investments and sell-off your vintage action figures. Have I got a deal for you!

How about a 157-acre lot on a mountain high above Beverly Hills? Build your very own 1.5 million square foot Wayne Manor with 360-degree views, perfect for spotting approaching super villains. Laugh at the inferior size of Disneyland, which could, “fit within its confines and still have 57 acres to spare.” Be mentioned in articles along side previous owners and interested buyers such as, “Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Merv Griffin, Herbalife founder Mark Hughes, and Princess Shams, elder sister of the late Shah of Iran.”

All of this for a paltry $1 Billion.

Keep in mind that is just for the land, by the way. Dirt is expensive, but this is downright ridiculous. That being said, I would be happy to represent you on the buyer’s side when you’re ready. I’m even willing to reduce my commission on this one.

Photo by Matthew Momberger, courtesy Aaron Kirman Partners

Keeping with our California theme today, it looks like the living legend, Snoop Dogg, has run into some issues with his recent mansion remodel. The Doggfather is currently suing his contractor for not paying subs and living up to their agreement. This is actually a counter-claim for another lawsuit in which Snoop, and the contractor he’s now suing, refused to pay a $12,385 bill for landscaping-related services. In the counter-claim he is asking for the first lawsuit to be dismissed which could include a lien against his home.

Who knows who’s in the right here. What I do know is it looks like a huge pain and another reason to buy new and avoid the drama.