So how high will local entrepreneur Ben Kinney soar? The Bellingham real estate agent now owns seven Keller Williams offices, a bunch of real estate and is currently completing the purchase of ActiveRain from Zillow. ActiveRain is a social networking and blogging platform for the real estate industry. The Ben Kinney family of companies now includes Real Launch, Brivity, and Blossor, as well as technology firms like Big Fresh and Tech Help. I’ve been to Ben’s office in Bellingham, and it’s a place with a high-performance feel to it, with over half a floor dedicated to his software endeavors. He’s obviously too young to have all this success, which is why I call him Junior Boots when we run into each other.

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Does anybody out there besides me read Dwell magazine? I love it. It unabashedly promotes contemporary ideas and homes. For example, at today I looked at this neat walkway that unites a modern addition to an existing abode. Neat stuff, and a great magazine and website. I’m trying to get Hurme to buy it for the office.

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