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New home marketing can get a little out of hand. While we can appreciate new ideas and creativity, sometimes it just gets silly and ideas can get old quickly. An article on Inman the other day called out some of the major don’ts with strategies still being used. Stop people, please.

1.  Print advertising…save your cash
2.  Cold calling…nada
3.  Door knocking…HA!
4.  Spam, spam, spam…nopity, nope, nope.
5.  Non-mobile friendly content…we’re no longer friends.

Really like number 5.  Any other don’ts or do’s you have?  Happy to give you credit.

I like a good headline.  Here’s one that grabbed me, “Should Seattle tax foreign real estate investors?”  The article has a couple of quotes from Seattle mayoral candidates expressing some sort of view on to tax or not to tax foreign buyers. I think Marc Stiles’ (PSBJ) comment was fairly succinct in calling a tax of foreign real estate investors a “knee-jerk reaction.”

So my answer to the question?  No.

But what’s really going on in this piece? The opening line of the article is telling.  Who’s to blame and who should solve it?  Is there something wrong?  Does something need solving?  The reality:  We live in a great area.  Titans of industry employ thousands upon thousands of people.  Prices may level off, but it is what it is and we be who we be.

The market, when left alone, solves itself.   The law of unintended consequences is real.