The new Amazon/Lennar Connected Home is now open to tour near Atlanta. As people become more and more used to having Alexa in their life, even while “she” is maniacally laughing unprovoked, it was only a matter of time before we saw a true test home.

Some of the home features include smart locks, video doorbells, Echos, Dash buttons and media devices, most of which are all controlled from Lennar’s app. Sounds great!

Inman went to test it out a few weeks back, and it looks like there are still a few hurdles to overcome. However, after addressing a few app bugs, making a few tweaks to the presentation and a solid site audit is done (yoga mats in plastic still, ahem), it will be something to behold.

It feels like maybe a few too many toys for my lifestyle, but it’s a show home, right? Overall it’s pretty impressive and offers some intriguing options, if you’re not worried about Bezos knowing everything you do.


The world’s first residents of a 3D printed home are moving in. Project Yhnova in France spared no effort in showing off what this technology has to offer, particularly with the curved walls everywhere and the impressive build time.

The 1,022 sqft home includes four bedrooms and will house a family of five.

Photo via BBC

According to Professor and Project Manager, Benoit Furet, it required, “54 hours to print, excluding the four months taken for contractors to fit windows, doors and roof fixtures. The building cost…is 20% cheaper than an identical construction with traditional methods.” They think they can get the 54 hour mark down to 33.

It’s strange to think one day soon we may be checking “Extruded” next to property type on a listing.