Count how many times in the next few weeks you hear or see the line, “Spring Has Sprung”. I’m not sure if any phrase is more overused this time of year and it makes me cringe. One thing that doesn’t make me cringe, however, is a positive sales forecast. You might say it gives me a spring in my step (that’s public enemy #2, by the way).

According to the NWMLS press release, we’re looking good heading into the big season. Despite the changing tax laws and climbing interest rates, sales have remained strong. Sure, pending sales are down a bit from last year because of lack of inventory, but new listings, closed sales, and selling prices all went up.

The press release goes on to talk about the effect of the surging job market, buyer sentiment and the role Kitsap is playing.


Last year at PCBC we learned about of homes being 3D printed in 24 hours.  We were shown some photos, but now we get to see a video of the process and it’s pretty amazing.

ICON and housing non-profit New Story out of Austin, Texas have unveiled a 650 sqft. home consisting of a living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and a shaded porch.  It can be completely built from nothing in less than 24 hours!  The cost you may ask? That’s less than $10K in the US.

The companies are currently planning a 100-home community in El Salvador providing a safe and affordable housing alternative for people in need.  Right now they are raising $600,000 to fund the planned community.  Construction will begin later in 2018 and families are expected to be moving in the 3rd quarter of 2019.

Donors can fully fund a home for only $4,000, which seems incredible considering what this will mean for the families to finally have their own place. I’m loving this!!


We finally became fed up with a certain someone and kicked him out. So, I’m completely taking over this week. You’re welcome.

ANYWAY let’s get started!

As you will soon notice, if you haven’t already, the theme this week is all about change. As more and more people move here for various reasons (Amazon), we have to try to stay ahead of what this means for housing. The majority are young people at an early point in their careers who are unable to afford their own place despite having good jobs. This could open up some serious opportunities for forward-thinking builders.

Since it’s my show this week, I’m going to throw out a few of my own insane ideas:

  • Tiny Homes have been a popular trend for a while now, but we’ve yet to see a Tiny Home master-planned community here with the full amenities of other communities. Attempts throughout the country have been met with a number of zoning issues, but maybe the right visionary could come in and make an argument for these efficient, affordable neighborhoods.
  • Can homes be designed more effectively to be a source of income for their owners and offset some of the cost? Could options be added to make a home more Airbnb friendly or create more functional private spaces for renters within a single home space?
  • The National Building Museum has an interesting exhibit running right now exploring some new types of housing and innovations including “The Open House.” Their Resource Guide is a fascinating read or you can go to their website.

I may be crazy, but I have to believe some of these ideas will become commonplace in just a few short years. What are your thoughts?

Facebook has recently changed the way it functions requiring agents to directly interact in a more personal way and provide original content if they want to be noticed. It’s all in an effort to clean up the “spam bin” most people’s News Feeds have become.

Inman has 10 Facebook features you may not be aware of to help you brave this new environment and thrive in it. Here are a few in particular that stood out to me as especially helpful.

Sendible allows you to preset messages to clients and your circle. Never miss an important follow-up opportunity.

Facebook 360 now lets you add 360-degree pictures and video for another way to showcase a home or event.

Olympia is currently one of five test cities nationwide to be testing the Today In app function, which is intended to provide more locally relevant news and information to users. If you have a hard time thinking about how to start a conversation, this could be a good place to start.

Who knows, maybe one of these could spark a whole new strategy for you.

There’s some comfort to be had in the latest press release from the NWMLS. At least the song has remained the same in the last 18 or 19 of them.  Perhaps that’s an exaggeration, but it’s probably pretty close.  This one quote especially piqued my interest:

“As interest rates rise, the rate of price increases will slow down,” predicts Northwest MLS director Dick Beeson, principal managing broker at RE/MAX Professionals in Gig Harbor.

Certainly, conventional wisdom agrees with the statement. However, I’m not completely convinced.  King and Snohomish Counties reported less pending sales than a year ago (7.5% less in King County, for example).  I do think interest rates will begin rising. If supply was a bit more than its current levels I could see prices softening, but with inventory levels continuing to be so low, I don’t see price increases slowing down in Q1 or Q2.

Oh yeah, the Spring market is here.  Sell something.


Here we go, everyone. It’s time for a Pinterest update.  According to the social media site, they have reached 175 Million active monthly users of which 75 Million users are from the US. Other reports even say it’s closer to 200 Million+.

Another interesting stat is 36% of those users in the US are millennials (There’s that word again. Don’t tell Paul). They are using Pinterest to plan for major life events like getting married, having a baby, taking vacations, remodeling or decorating and, yes, when buying a home!

Also, check out 14 home decor style trends 2018 Pinners are looking at according to Pinterest.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for most of your life, you’re well aware of the work of America’s greatest architect, Frank Lloyd Wright. He was famous for his ability to take advantage of exquisite natural settings and create something unseen before. His homes not only took advantage of their settings and paid homage to them, but in some cases even enhanced them. Take that nature!

Well, recently the very last home Mr. Wright created before he passed away was listed in Arizona for a cool $3.2M. You can find more detail about it here. It’s a beautiful home up on a hill in Phoenix. While the view might seem a little foreign for the many Northwesterners on this list, it is quite beautiful and you can see how he’s taken advantage of the entire site.


In this week’s Blast you may notice a bit of a theme. There are a couple of very big things going on the tech world right now we felt were worth discussing.

To start, The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is going on right now in Vegas. Top tech trends in 2018 will include the reveal of 5G, stronger artificial intelligence, companion robots (wait, like my old Tamagotchi?, I doubt it), mixed reality, an increased focus on health, smart cities are coming and tons of other areas that will play a big roll in the global economy for years to come.  The growth of tech devices is expected to see an 8%+ increase with about a 4% revenue increase.  With all of that, the overall top trend will be the pending arrival of 5G.

The real question is as home sellers what products will really stand out to help us make those few extra sales this year?

It just seems appropriate for a Seattle Team to win this one. In an Amazon-sponsored competition, a UW team from the Department of Engineering and Computer Science and Engineering developed a program they call “Sounding Board”.

Without going too far into it, let’s just say it improves the way Alexa functions to create more useful conversations instead of just the preprogrammed commands. The goal was for a 20-minute conversation.

They won $500,000!

You can read more about it all on UW’s website.