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For over 15 years TeamBuilder has built a reputation on being experts in New Construction Sales and Marketing. We’ve honed our skills by working with some of the best builders and professionals in our industry, and we’ve applied what we’ve learned to everything we do. If it is Real Estate related, we not only know how to do it, but we do more of it day-in and day-out.

Let us take a few things off of your plate.

La’Cee - So Bring on the Peninsula

We’re all getting squeezed for space; builders, developers, buyers, etc. Some relief can be found in the North and South Sound markets, as well as to the East. But let’s talk about the West.

With 405, 167, I-5 and 520 jammed, challenging commutes have become as much a part of our daily lives as coffee.

As the Seattle Times reports, thankfully our ship has arrived. If you haven’t heard, a new fast ferry is taking people from Bremerton to Seattle in 28 minutes. It’s a trip that used to take an hour or more. This means people will be able to buy a home with amazing views for much less, commute to Seattle easily (about the time it takes to drive from Everett on a good day) and even get to sit and enjoy that cup of coffee without worrying about the new distracted driver laws.

Is it time for B-Town (new moniker, coined by Paul) to thrive?

Paul - Drawing the Lines

So I’m not a millennial.  I think by the numbers I’m Gen X.  No, no, I am a Gen X’er.  Whew.  I feel better.  I’m defined.

The M’s get a bad rap (trying hard to not say the word “millennial” because I’m so tired of hearing everyone’s favorite new buzzword).  But so do the X’ers.  Hell, the Boomers even get a bad rap. Do you sense a trend?

In any event, here’s a fun link about the M’s changing the marketplace.  They haven’t yet, but they will.  Do buying/purchasing habits change as we get older?  Of course they do. Is the use of technology and pre-buying research limited to one group because of the year(s) they were born?  Naw, don’t think so.